Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sunday musings

So I'm not gonna lie ... it's been a rough couple weeks. I had surgery on Tuesday, May 18th to implant a spinal neurostimulator to treat my pain and numbness. The idea is that the stim unit sends signals to the brain that block the pain signals my nerves are sending. 

This is the second surgery of this type that I had. The first one, last September, ended with me in the hospital nine days later with MRSA. All the equipment had to come out and the battle against that terrible infection began. I left the hospital 13 days later with a PIC line and received daily IV antibiotics for six weeks at home. Finally, they declared me infection-free, but the infection took a big toll with residual inflammation and scar tissue. The worst complication is that my left foot is completely numb on the bottom and portions of my right foot are as well. 

Fast forward to this month. I rejoiced greatly when I found a surgeon willing to do the stim procedure, even with all the complicating scar tissue and inflammation. But it was a rough procedure. I left the hospital with two incisions -- one about three inches long and the other about five inches long -- and 20+ staples in my back. A few years ago, a procedure this big would have required a hospital stay. But times change and I was fine coming home where I could rest better, get my meds on time, etc. But like I said, that first week was really rough. 

Last Tuesday was a week from surgery, and we turned on my stim unit, at the very lowest setting. (By we, I mean the Nevro Rep and me. Nevro is the maker of my stim unit.) It has to stay on the lowest setting for a week, which means this Tuesday I get to turn it up a notch. I think I'm getting a very small decrease in back pain - maybe 10% - but no change at all in my foot numbness, so I am anxious to turn it up. I totally believe this will make a huge difference for me; we just have to find the right setting. There are a ton of different programs/settings to choose from with this unit, so it's just a process to get where we want to be.

I see my surgeon's nurse on June 8th to get my staples removed. I don't see the surgeon until mid-June. I expect to be doing really well by then.

An original poem: Splash! by Patty Panni

Although I do not consider myself a true poet, I do occasionally pen a poem. Here's a fun one I wrote a couple years ago. 


She stands frozen on the edge

Much farther than she’s ever gone

She wants so much to keep her pledge

And not to be the only one


I can do this she whispers to herself

Hands holding tight as one

One big jump will get me there

Kids will see that I am fun


One deep breath, eyes squeezed tight

And with the jump a tiny sob

For one brief moment she takes flight

Till gravity does its ceaseless job


S P L A S H ! !


Wow, that was fun! she laughs out loud

She felt as though with wings she soared

She hurries to get out of the pool

And rejoin the queue for the diving board

An original short story: A Graceland Christmas

In a complete departure from what I usually write, this is a fun little romantic tale set at Christmastime right here in my hometown. I ho...